Professional membership is for music businesspeople whose full-time, primary business activity directly supports music creators such as music executives (e.g., labels and label distributors, publishers, promoters, performing rights organizations), creator representatives (e.g., agents, managers, lawyers, publicists), industry writers (e.g., authors, journalists), and music educators (e.g. college/university educators, music/trade school educators).


A. Professionals whose activity is directly related to the Tejano music industry; or

B. Individuals who are currently actively involved in the Tejano recorded music or music video industries, but who do not yet meet the voting membership requirements.

All applicants must submit supporting documentation about their career in the industry such as: 

·        Brief verifiable biography and/or CV

·        Business card

·        Business website that indicates your relationship with the industry

·        LinkedIn profile (if available)

The Tejano Music Recording Academy reserves the discretionary right of admission. The decision of each membership application is based on the evaluation of the submitted support material.


  • To receive two (2) VIP Premios Tejano Mundial tickets and access
  • To receive VIP Premios Tejano Mundial parking